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David and Simon Groen are brothers. Really brothers and not a gay couple. Although sometimes they fall asleep spooning. Their last name is ‘Groen’, which is Dutch for ‘Green’. It is pronounced with a harsh Gggg, like the sound you make when snort up snot.

The Groen brothers live in Amsterdam, making comedy videos for an international audience. As comedy- actors, writers and directors they also produce corporate comedy videos and funny commercials.



Simon loves acting and is famous for his voice-over, which can be heard on Dutch radio and TV. For big companies Simon gives fun and interactive lectures on body language, presentation skills and influence at work.

One of Simon’s first created characters is still his favourite to play: Harda Klooster, a lady who works as a recorder teacher, but hates children.

In private life Simon loves riding horses, reading on spirituality and eating bananas. Doing all three together at the same moment is, according to him, the ultimate statement.


David loves improvisation acting and does so with several Dutch groups. For companies David does improv shows and makes corporate videos. He is specialized in refined video editing, often with comedic touch.

David loves to play geeky characters and policemen. And he loves to play hooligans, like in the video “Holland’s Next Top Hooligan”

In private life David is a sucker for board games, especially Boggle, in which he can’t be beaten. Also he likes jazz music and plays the piano. Recently he started taking trumpet lessons and he can already play some impressive fart sounds.